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4 Peace of Mind - Kashmir Winter Pack Appeal

Covid-19 pandemic has affected the whole world and has had a devastating impact in the developed and developing countries. Rich or poor, all people have been impacted.

We, 4 Peace of Mind ( www.4peaceofmind.org), have continued to support families or orphans who were affected by the massive earthquake back in October 2005. They have been affected now by loss of employment due to Covid-19 related lockdown contributing further to their poverty related-issues. These issues are magnified further for people living in the mountainous areas of Kashmir, for whom, the heavy snow falls cause additional hardship.

4 Peace of Mind's response is to work together with our local partners and provide much needed winter packs (warm clothes - a blanket, a hat, gloves and socks). Each pack will cost approximately £20 and our target is to support 1000 people.

YOU can help bring relief and reach the hearts people who are suffering NOW.

Our target is £20,000.00

Please make your DONATION online by clicking here or to the following accounts:

4 Peace of Mind
Barclays Bank
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Bagh Poonch Hawali Welfare Foundation
Habib Bank Bagh A.K.
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