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Who we are and what we do
We are a not-for-profit, non political, voluntary organisation committed to raising and delivering aid to the worst hit communities affected by natural disasters. Our volunteers are mainly but not exclusively doctors, surgeons, pharmacists and pharmaceutical professionals.  In addition to raising donations, we believe it is even more important that we send out teams of volunteers who ensure that your donations make a difference to those whose lives have been devastated.

One humanity; in difficulty and prosperity 

Our mission is to manage the start to end process of raising and delivering humanitarian aid that will help rebuild and sustain communities worst hit by natural disasters.

By donating to 4 Peace of Mind, you can be assured that: 

  • Your contribution will go directly to the people in most need
  • Your contribution will reach people at a critical time when they are starting to rebuild their lives
  • You will receive updates on survivors whose homes and lives have been devastated
  • You will meet other volunteers who have a similar passion for humanity as you

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