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Turkey/Syria Earthquake 2023

Ramadan Food Distribution 2023

Ramadan Food Distribution 2022

Ramadan Food Distribution 2021

Ongoing Orphan Support and Winter Packs Distribution 2021

Orphan Support for 500 Orphans and Medical Camps 2015-2020

Philippines Haiyan Disaster Project 2014

Rasta Project Chatter Bagh-2, Azad Kashmir 2013

Sindh Water Pumps Project 2012

DI Khan Housing Project Completion 2011 - 2012

Cheques Distribution Baagh, Azad Kashmir, July 2011

D.G. Khan Housing Project - April 2011

Dr. Surraiya Zia Hospital Chattar - Jan 2011

Pakistan Flood Relief Appeal - Charsada (Village: China Kaley Charsadda), Sept 2010

Haiti Clothes Distribution Worth US$70,000, August 2010

Bangladesh Cyclone Project, Nov 2008

Burma Housing Project May 2008

Indonesian Earthquake Project, 2007

Pakistan Earthquake Project, 2006

Food Aid Project

4 Peace of Mind Water Sanitation July 2006

4 Peace of Mind Support Orphan Projects - July 2006

4 Peace of Mind National Workshop - April 2006


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China Earthquake

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