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4 Peace of Mind - A plea to the World from the people of Myanmar

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A plea to the World from the People of Myanmar

URGENT: A plea to the world from the people of Myanmar

1. The deaths and destruction left by the cyclone Nargis is more than we estimated, according to
eye witness accounts. Unprepared for a disaster on this scale, and with limited facilities for this
catastrophe never before encountered, it is not easy to carry out the urgently needed support for those who lost their homes or even whole villages. In such a situation the death toll is expected to rise- probably 200,000.

2. Hundreds of thousands of victims, who have neither political agendas nor political interests, wait for their twice daily ration of gruel as they hope that the world will come to their aid.

3. It is estimated that 3 million survivors in the Ayeyarwaddy Delta alone are without sufficient
food, shelter, medicine, and safe drinking water. They are waiting for the millions of aid from the
international community that is ready to be distributed but awaiting the decision of one person..

4. This tragic situation is dependent upon the decision of the Senior General Than Shwe. We
would like to request the leaders of all the developed and developing countries alike and international organisations to refrain from politicising the situation and use all resources to help

clear up the matter as soon as possible so that the hapless victims numbering in the millions can
be saved.

People of Myanmar

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